Pound 4 Pound's Kickboxing classes are designed for beginners to professional fighters. This program teaches the foundations of punching and kicking, yet offers advanced, cutting edge technical instruction. Kickboxing combines Western Boxing, Dutch-style combinations, and traditional Muay Thai.

While we do offer Kickboxing for beginners, this is not a "Cardio Kickboxing" class. We focus on building a strong foundation, teaching authentic training and proper technique. We don't believe in training with poor technique just to burn calories. Our Kickboxing curriculum is current and actively used by our professional team inside the ring and cage at the highest level of the sport.  If you want the most realistic training available in Colorado, P4P is the premium choice. 


For those who are new to the sport, our Kickboxing program is the place to start. 


Pound 4 Pound's Muay Thai programs consist of partner drilling, bag work, and partner pad work.  Muay Thai, "The Art of 8 Limbs" applies punches, elbows, knees, kicks, and clinch. At P4P, our system is developed through years of competition and international coaching, and we make the sport accessible to our recreational athletes and our professional fighters. 

All students must have a solid foundation before advancing to classes on the schedule labeled 'Muay Thai". It is considered intermediate to advanced training, with partner drilling.



As in all of our programs at Pound 4 Pound Fitness, we provide students with steady skill acquisition and development. For those wanting to learn the Sweet Science, we teach the fundamentals; punching with proper body mechanics, footwork, and head movement. As students progress through our program, we focus on power development, hand speed, proper defense, and building on advanced combinations. 

Our gym has plenty of heavy bags and in addition multiple specialty bags for technical and specialty training.  

All students must have a solid foundation before advancing to classes on the schedule labeled "Boxing". It is considered intermediate to advanced training, with partner pad work.



This program is designed around the major elements of fitness. We have two different classes for strength and conditioning. Bootcamp classes are every Tuesday and Thursday. These classes focus on functional movements, the core movements of life, weightlifting, gymnastics, running-rowing-biking. This class maximizes the amount of work done in the shortest time. 

Saturday mornings, we offer Gangster Fitness. The principals of this class are around functional movements but in this class, we don't use heavy barbells or do complex gymnastics movements. This is an intensive, conditioning-based class, focusing on fast-paced aerobic training using running-rowing-biking and simpler, yet effective weightlifting movements. You will increase your aerobic captivity and build a better engine in this class. 



At P4P we've developed a youth striking program that combines Muay Thai, fitness, and mental focus. Your child will develop their physical fitness and mental focus while learning new skills that will boost their self-confidence. 

Children and teens have a great opportunity to maximize their physical skills during their peak years of development. We focus on teaching proper movement mechanics and creating a broad athletic foundation.


Our youth striking program instills respect, discipline, pride, and self-control. It will help your child become a well-rounded individual on and off the mats.



Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Strength & Conditioning are all options for personal training. We offer world-class training and will help you reach your goals whether you're a Pro, Amateur, or an everyday athlete.  

We offer the best one-on-one lessons in Striking and Strength & Conditioning. You'll work individually with some of the best coaches in Combat Sports, using the latest advances in sports training to rapidly increase skill acquisition and development, as well as increased fitness and health. You will accelerate your target timeline dramatically. 


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